Started and incorporated in 2019, BH-Fertagro Ghana Ltd. [BH-FERTAGRO] is a company licensed to import and trade in fertilizers in Ghana for onward marketing to farmers through last-mile distributors and retailers across all the administrative regions. We are also a service provider for the Ministry of Food and Agriculture (MoFA) – Ghana, under its Planting for Food and Jobs [PFJ] Programme.

BH-FERTAGRO imports and supplies fertilizers – with great respect for quality standards, safety, speed and innovation. Focused on satisfying Ghana’s Agriculture needs by improving soil fertility and yields for farmers, enhancing food security, creating opportunities for women and youth employment, reducing poverty, fueling sector growth and contributing to the attainment of the SDG’s, we make our customers’ lives easier and their experience with us more convenient and rewarding – as we offer them high-quality products and improved services.

With our recent affiliation to some global leading producers of Agric-input – based in North Africa, Eastern Europe, Asia and the Americas – we are proud of our indigenous heritage and are committed to leverage on these relationships to further enhance our products and services.

We believe that to become Ghana’s most trusted and preferred Agric-input business is the logical consequence of doings things the right way. We realize the full potential of our people, business partners and customers – and will continue to pursue new benchmarks that will help in delivering quality, excellence and innovation – via relevant modern technology/tools within Ghana’s Agriculture marketplace.

We offer much more than just inputs – value for money, trust, integrity, safety and quality – to meet the needs, expectations and culture of our customers

Vision Statement

Our vision is to become a trusted and preferred Agric-input business partner in Ghana.

Values & Growth Strategy

Our core values are honesty, dedication, integrity and respect for our business relations. They underpin all our outputs and are the basis of our business. We uphold these values in everything we do – considering them as crucial to our success, growth and to achieving our vision of becoming “Ghana’s most trusted and preferred Agric-input business”.

Mission Statement

To deliver to meet stakeholder’s needs, expectations, values, and culture by;
• Sourcing and supplying Agricultural inputs/products and services that meets/satisfy the needs of our customers,
• Conducting our business in a safe, environmentally sustainable and economically optimum manner, and
• Constantly achieving operational excellence.

Business Goals and Objectives

When we achieve this and are well on the way, we would have earned the right to be called “Ghana’s most trusted and preferred Agric-input Business” – and this shall be the true measure of our success.